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2024-2025 Team Audition Registration
Loudounettes Team Auditions (Purcellvlle Studio)
Performance Team Auditions (Leesburg Studio)
Competition Team Auditions (Leesburg Studio)
Competition Add-On Auditions (Leesburg Studio)
Pre-Professional Program Auditon (Leesburg Studio)

$35 Audition Fee Applicable For Each Student Auditioning. Audition Fee Is Non-Refundable. Audition Fee Will Be Applied Towards Team Membership Fees Once Registered For A 2024-2025 Team. 

Thank You For Registering To Audition! We Are Looking Forward To Seeing You At Auditions!

HOF_Woodbridge_03345 (1).jpg
HOF_Woodbridge_02044 (1).jpg
HOF_Woodbridge_03798 (1).jpg
HOF_Woodbridge_00412 (1).jpg
HOF_Woodbridge_04545 (1).jpg
HOF_Woodbridge_00026 (1).jpg
HOF_Woodbridge_00805 (1).jpg
HOF_Woodbridge_00548 (1).jpg
HOF_Woodbridge_02676 (1).jpg
HOF_Woodbridge_02432 (1).jpg
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