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Class Descriptions

We've created the guides below to help you find the best class for your dancer! You will find a short description of each style of dance, as well as our class structure flow charts to show how our classes progress as your dancer advances in age and level. If you have questions about our classes, please email or give us a call today! 

Class Structure Flow Chart.png
Class Structure Flow Chart (1).png

Ballet Bisou

Ballet Bisou is a beginner class our youngest dancers. This class is a great way to start your child in dance. The kids will learn basic ballet technique and creative movements.

Combo 1 & 2

This class is a great introduction to ballet, tap, and tumbling. Our young dancers will learn more about the terminology in these different styles of dance. All are a great dance foundation and a fun time.

Combo 3

Combo 3 is another class involving three different styles of dance all in one class. This class focuses on ballet, tap, and jazz. This class is a way to advance your skills in the most common dance styles.


Tap is a fun way to make music with your feet. You will learn different moves and steps to create different rhythms with your toes and heels.


Jazz is a high-energy class in which you work on turns, leaps, flexibility, and isolations. You will learn different combinations and skills throughout this fun class to popular music on the radio.


Ballet is the foundation for all other dance styles. Students will learn terminology along with the beautiful movements. This class is taught at the barre during warmups and on center for learning different combinations and movements.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an energetic dance style which uses grounded posture to some upbeat music. This class teaches you about musicality and how to move your body in unique fun ways.

Musical Theater

This style involves acting and dancing to create a wonderful performer. This class is a jazz and tap based style involving many different talents from the Broadway world. This is a high-energy, fun, and exciting class that brings characters to life.
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Pointe is an advanced ballet class involving pointe shoes. This class will require you to be at least 12 years old and to have a minimum of two years of 3 ballet classes a week to have the strength and ability to do pointe.


Lyrical is a light and beautiful style which helps showcase fluidity and beautiful movements. Lyrical uses ballet technique and jazz movements to help create this mixture of creativity.


Contemporary is a style of dance involving shifting your weight to create fluid and grounded movements. This class uses technique from ballet, lyrical, jazz, and sometimes hip hop. It is a mixture of many different styles.

Turns & Leaps

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This class is a way to focus on your turning and leaping techniques. This class is a helpful way to get great feedback to help improve these skills. It is a challenging yet fun class.


Acro is a way to do dance and gymnastics! You will learn tumbling tricks on mats! The tricks range from handstands to back tucks.
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